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On Motherhood – the second time

September 25, 2010

Gorgeous Connor is 5 months old! And, goodness, this boy is a charmer, pulling in all the ladies with an abundance of smiles and some well-timed gurgles…  who wouldn’t love this face?

Our wonderful 5 month old boy!

 Moreover, I have discovered the secret to hassle-free life with a new baby – make sure it’s your second one!

Here’s the things I know (the second time around)….

  • Nothing will happen to your baby if you bath him in the basin, nor if he lies on a blanket on the floor;
  • You don’t have to pack a full nappybag just to go to the shop;
  • In the early days it’s ok to spend the day in your pyjamas, or better yet, stay in bed;
  • Babysitters are great things, as is date night;
  • You don’t have to change a nappy every hour;
  • A bit of noise whilst your baby is sleeping is ok;
  • A sense of humour helps alot;
  • There are some answers that are not in the book; and
  • My husband knows alot of parenting shortcuts – it’s ok and the kids usually enjoy it more.

That said, big brother Dylan has turned out to be incredible and beautiful, so the slightly obsessive compulsive approach to motherhood works too.

Beautiful Dylan

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