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Last swim of the summer/ autumn!

May 30, 2011

The circus party two weeks ago was also the last swimming weekend….(Sad). We didn’t know then that winter would descend with a thud – as I write it is clear and sunny but cold. Our South African winter days are lovely – it can get very hot throughout the day but swimming is definitely out.

But I came across the pictures of the ‘last swim’ and thought I’d share….

But, I am not mourning the onset of winter… For me winter means hearty soups and stews, beautiful and sweet oranges, soft and warm blankets in the cool evenings and cuddling as a family on the sofa. It’s the chance to take a game drive on a Sunday because the game viewing is so good – animals con­verge on the water­holes and there are no tall grasses for them to hide in. The Coral trees bloom, and the sky is the most gorgeous blue, and there’s that familiar slight woodfire smell in the air, and now I’m waxing lyrical!

Hmm, I’m thinking about all the gorgeous winter foods! I promise I’m going to find a uniquely South African winter dish to share with you… watch this space!

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