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No 1 “Ad Dad” – Father’s Day Printables

June 18, 2011

Dads always seem to come second to moms in the parenting stakes, don’t they? It often seems to be accepted that “Mom knows best” and dads’ contribution goes unnoticed…. So, in the light of this obvious discrepency, what dads need is some ADVERTISING!

To celebrate Fathers and Father’s Day here are our very own AD DAD printables advertising DADS and all the THINGS DADS LIKE! These are all the tags, wrappers, bag toppers and labels you need to create a spectacular foodie gift for Dad for Father’s Day.

Note: My apologies for the quality of the pics – my camera is on the blink and I took these with my Blackberry. Hope you can see what’s what!

The set starts with some Ad Dad Gift tags for Dad’s gifts (Note: All the files for download follow at the bottom of the post.)

We’ve got a number of different Bag Toppers for all the goodies dads adore – just choose the ones your dad likes ~

In South Africa most dads love Biltong – across the world you may know it as Jerky. Here’s a bag topper for your biltong/ jerky gift~

And here’s the Bag Topper for Dad’s favourite candy~

And to top the Toppers here’s the Bag Topper for those nuts Dad likes ~

The set also includes some seals and stickers – the first are designed to fit on the lid of a Pringles Crisps Can and the others can be used where needed on the special goodies that your own dad likes.

There’s a chocolate wrapper for your dad’s favourite chocolate bar (which he will share with Mom, of course.)

And, in our house, Dad loves Tabasco sauce so we got him a special bottle. But it can be any sauce – I’m thinking homemade Chocolate Sauce or even some homemade Burger Relish?

And for the beer-loving dad there’s some beer tags, as well as the the same tags for soda-lovers!

And lastly, and most importantly, there’s the 2011 Dad Survey that the kids can complete – a fun way to remember what the kids knew of Dad in 2011. Just complete it (in your child’s words or older children can complete their own) and slip it in with your gift.

And here are the files for download ~

Candy Bag Toppers

Nuts Bag Toppers

Biltong-Jerky bags Toppers

Pringles’ Can Stickers & Seals

Chocolate Wrapper & Sauce Tag

Gift Tags

Beer & Soda Tags


Note: Dylan, Connor and I haven’t put our parcel for Dad together yet – we’ll put up some pics tomorrrow when it’s done.

Have fun, and have a happy Father’s Day!

And to my own Love: You are a DAD in a million. I couldn’t have asked for a better father to our boys – you enhance their lives every second by your love, your presence and your generousity of spirit and time. You set them an example to aspire to everyday through your kindness, your humour, your guidance and your strength – I love you.


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