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The Photoshoot….

September 28, 2011

We took our boys for a photoshoot just before their birthdays and I’ve been meaning to share the pics for a while, firstly because it was the first time I’ve ever taken them for formal photos and secondly, I think (as their M.O.M) that they turned out quite well…… under the circumstances. Our five year old Dylan was the seasoned “I’m cool as a cucumber, I can gooi (throw) a pose” professional – “You want sexy, I’ll show you sexy!”  One year old Connor, however,  took one look at the photographer, the camera, the lights and the 3 adults dancing behind the photographer pulling  faces and decided that this was, in fact, a punishment that was being dealt out, and that the reaction should be worthy of all the attention. Poor little boy! The best pics from the shoot are below…. taken once the drama had passed. 🙂

My big boys – I love them both to the moon and back. I think we’ll have MOVIE NIGHT tonight so that I can get my snuggles on the sofa!

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