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Living in Africa…

October 21, 2011

I am always reminded how lucky we are to live in Africa, and at a beautiful resort in Africa at that! So when our Dylan in preschool goes on a school outing there are so many choices; none of which are ordinary. Last week they went off to the Elephant Interaction – an activity where they get to meet, touch and feed the elephants – how extraordinary is that?!

Dylan has been to meet the elephants before so he knew what to expect – it also meant “I HAVE TO wear my Game Ranger boots Mom!” My special boy has such a huge imagination – he’s a game ranger for the Ellie outing, changing to “Chef Dylan” that night to help me cook supper and “the Gardener Boss” the very next morning to tell us where to plant his tomatoes! So Ranger Dylan went to the Elephants Wallow to visit the elephants…

The littlest Ellie is Tidimalo – now 2 and a half years old!

Having a swim in the hot weather.

Facing a herd of Children!

Dylan feeding the Elephants (note the boots!)

You may feed the elephants through their trunk or directly into their mouths.

Mother and Baby

If you’re interested read more about the Pilanesberg Elephant-Back safaris here.

One day soon I will post a little about the resort where we live – it is truly remarkable and we love living here. We do indeed have many blessings to count everyday.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. April 3, 2012 11:05 am

    I lived in Africa too, and I love the elephants 😀 Came back last year…

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