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The Boys

The Boys are the loves of my life…. My terrific husband Kristan and my gorgeous sons Dylan and Connor!  

My boys

‘Dylanisms’ – Well, what else could we call them?

17 August 2010

Our incredible lovable boy has his moments….

Four year old Dylan has the greatest imagination – sometimes I really don’t know where he gets this stuff! Here’s some of the latest offerings!

Dylan: Mommy, you’re fired! (This after I’m trying to comb a knot from his hair)

Me: You can’t fire me, I’m your mommy!

Dylan: Not anymore, now you just the lady who lives here.

My pregnancy with Connor had me a little sick at times – this is how Dylan reacts… we are playing Mommy and Boy – he is the Mommy.

Dylan: Time to sleep, my boy. (Tucks me into bed)

Me: Ok Mommy, will you lie by me for a little bit?

Dylan: I can’t, my boy, I’m sick (Then goes to the toilet and retches into it – I am left viewing myself through the eyes of my son!)

We decide that Dylan is old enough to have a pet and so we decide to get him a hamster…

Caitlin (His cousin): What will you call him?

Dylan (Disgusted): The “pep” shop man will tell me what his name is!

In the end we get a girl hamster, the “pep” shop man tells him he can give her a name, Dylan decides on “Rhino”.

We welcome Connor…

23 April 2010 at 11:07 pm   


Connor One-Tonner

Our second gorgeous son, Connor Daye, was born at 23h07 on 23rd April 2010. We are all ecstatic – he is so beautiful and has already charmed everyone.  He is nicknamed Connor “one-tonner” as he weighed in at a generous 4.5kg at birth (No wonder his mom was so winded from the time the 8-month mark rolled around!)  

Dylan is so pleased to have a baby brother although he has already decided that the next baby MUST be a girl. Daddy is more excited as he wants to sway this little person to become a Man U football supporter (his older brother betrayed the team and far prefers his Grandad’s “Blue Team” i.e. the dreaded Chelsea!)  

Welcome to this exciting world, our little boy – we love you so much and know you will be our joy and pride!  

Our Gorgeous Boy

28 September 2008   

“We got the world when we got you”

Beautiful Boy!

Beautiful Boy!

Our beautiful wonderful boy Dylan, you are the light of our lives.

You are two years and 5 months old and are such a gorgeous little guy! Life is such an adventure now – each day brings us wonder and laughter and so much more. Just today we came into the room to find you hiding in the laundry basket, what will you think of next?

You love going to school now – in fact there are days when you don’t want to leave when we pick you up. You love pretending to be a lion, you even roar at people you don’t know! We all run away pretending to be scared, and you think it’s hilarious. You love water, be it the bath or the pool, though you still hate to have your hair washed. You are very active, you are always busy climbing on something, jumping or dancing, or copying what people do. On Friday you burnt your hand on the stove, it has blisters on it now – it was so sore and we were so sad for you. Strawberries are your favourite fruit.

Your hair is so beautiful and curly, though it is so long and will have to be cut soon. You love all cars and trucks – busses and tractors are your favourites. You are talking more everyday, lots of babble and all the new words you are learning. You say “no-no” just like me – you say it alot. You love Rebecca (the nanny) so much, she is so good with you. Her little girl, Otiretse, is your special friend – you always want to hold her hand. She has gone to school with you a few times, your teacher says you look after her so nicely and this makes us so proud – you are our gentle and kind little star.

You bring us such joy everyday – Mommy and Daddy love you very, very much.

Our beloved puppy

09 November 2008

Two year old Dylan is no longer a lion, roaring at everyone! He is now a “bow-wow”, our new puppy in the house! He will come on all-fours if we whistle for him or call “Come here doggie!” and he scratches at the bed to be picked up. Better yet, he puts his plate on the floor to eat! I’m hoping it will pass, but until then it’s exceedingly sweet!

Dylan and his books

 29 September 2008

I put Dylan to bed last night: Read his story, kissed him goodnight, turned off the light and closed the door behind me – my little angel was going to go to sleep…..

About 45 minutes later I heard a knock from the inside of his door – I opened it to find the light on and books all over the bed…. the little imp had been up all the while, quietly reading in his bed. Who could get angry with such sweet mischief?

Dylan starts to accessorise

Sometime in June 2008…

We were on our way for our morning walk when Dylan decided he needed some accessories before we left. So he chose a cap, his school bag, a monkey that hangs around the neck and a bracelet, and he set off with a toy dog in one hand and his golf cart in the other. It made for very funny viewing! Only trouble was, it was impossible to steer that cart with one hand! It kept veering to the side and he would stop to get it back on track. This walk took forever!

The Boys are in bed…

7 September 2008 at 9:19 am 

The Boys are in bed...
The Boys are in bed…

The Boys are in bed this morning. Dylan is at the stage where he copies everything – what we do, what his little friends do and whatever happens on the television. He knows he’s cute too, so he can really play to the audience. Yesterday he was following his Grandad around the garden whilst Grandad was on the phone, with his hand to his ear – Kristan took some video and I will post it as soon as I’ve got it off Kristan’s phone (A bit of a saga but that’s a story for another time).  

P.S. This relative peace won’t last long (Mothers of 2-year olds will know what I mean).  

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